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Meet Our Team

What We're Doing

When we kicked-off

After announcing the project at the Clinton Global Initiative, Barrels by the Bay kicked-off on March 22, 2015, United Nations Twenty-Second Annual World Water Day in Annapolis, Maryland.  Twelve schools within the Annapolis, Maryland region were provided materials to paint one or two rain barrels, retrofitted Coca-Cola syrup barrels, corresponding with each of the 22 World Water Day themes. Approximately twenty-five students painted each barrel while learning about rain barrels and the importance of water conservation in Annapolis.  

How our efforts are impacting your community

Barrels by the Bay is working to expand its efforts and reach as many communities as possible.  An average of 700-gallons is collected in one rainfall (1 inch of rain in 24 hours) in the 50-gallon rain barrel drum. For instance, throughout Maryland, an average of 41 inches of rain falls per year. This means, in one year, one barrel can collect 28,700 gallons of water!

Ongoing Expansion Projects

Barrels by the Bay has collaborated with schools and community residents throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C..

​​​Barrels by the Bay is a non-profit organization focused on contributing to sustainable development through the use of rain barrels.

We work to help combat flooding and stormwater runoff concerns throughout communities, educate community members about our world's water issues and the importance of water conservation efforts, and inspire students to preserve our world's water resources.​

​You can find our work in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C.. 

Our Mission