Painting Instructions​​

Step 1: Prepare your barrel

​Sand your barrel with sandpaper thoroughly, removing gloss texture of plastic 

Step 2: Prime your barrel

Use latex-based primer and paint two coats on the barrel. Be sure to leave dry for 48 hours between coat. 

Step 3: Paint your barrel

Have fun! Let dry for at least 2 days. 


Step 4: Apply Semi-Gloss

Apply two coats of gloss on the barre. Be sure to leave dry for 48 hours between coat. 

Installation Guides

Step 1: Pick installation location

Site must be leveled to accommodate 24-inch diameter barrel.

Optional: Add sand or crushed stone as base

Step 2: Downspout preparation

If using Catch-a-Raindrop colander, use this guide. 

If using the Rain Barrel Depot kit, use this guide. 

Step 3: Connect your rain barrel

Check set-up before use.

Thanks for helping your waterways! 


Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​How often should I check my barrel?

Routinely check your barrel and gutters to make sure there is no debris build up that could block the flow of water to your barrel.

Should I make sure my gutters are cleaned before installing barrel?

Yes! Before installation, make certain that all gutters are cleaned. Debris in gutters could be washed into the barrel and could clog the water flow in the gutter or out of the barrel.

Will algae grow in the barrel?

Make sure to empty your barrel monthly to ensure that there is no algae buildup inside the barrel.  If you suspect there may some buildup, a cap of chlorine bleach poured into the barrel will take care of the algae.  This small amount will not be harmful to any plants should you choose to water them with the contents of the barrel.

How do I clean my barrel?

Every few years, clean the inside of the barrel using a solution consisting of 2  teaspoons of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of organic soap per gallon of water.  Be sure that after cleaning, the barrel is thoroughly rinsed.

What should I do for the winter?​

1. Disconnect the barrel from your downspout and put the downspout back in its original position.

2. Remove any other items connected to the rain barrel and store inside.

IMPORTANT: Drain the rain barrel completely.  Any significant amount of water left in the barrel will freeze and possibly crack the barrel.

Can I leave my barrel outside during the winter?

You can leave your barrel outside during the winter if you choose but it must be emptied.  The barrel's high density material makes it durable, but the brass spigot and harvesting system may not hold up well in the freezing weather.

Can I drink the water collected?

Do NOT drink the water collected into the barrel! Watering your garden or washing your car are some uses for the collected water!

Can the water collected be used to water edible plants?
Studies show that the overall water quality coming from a rain barrel is very good and the water from a rain barrel can be safely utilized to irrigate herb/vegetable gardens. However, caution should still be taken to put the harvested rainwater directly on the soil rather on the leaves of the edible plants. 

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