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School registration is closed. 

Thank you for your interest in our programs!

The Barrels by the Bay School Programs gives you the opportunity to provide additional education about the environment to your students through our rain barrel painting program. We will provide your school with a rain barrel, painting supplies (primer, outdoor acrylic paint, and brushes), environmental teaching materials, and everything needed to install the rain barrel no charge. Upon completion, the rain barrel can be installed at your school, or donated to a public location of your choosing, for installation. 


What your school receives:

  • One rain barrel 
  • All installation supplies to install the barrel at your school or another location in the community
  • All painting supplies 
  • Educational Materials including one book (Refer to Learning Guide page)

Want to have a Barrels by the Bay Program in your school? Share your contact information with us, and we will contact you if we host one in your area! ​